ram air system

Carbon intake system pursuing ideal intake

The carbon intake is designed with the highest priority on intake efficiency, and is specially designed for each vehicle model according to the character of the engine and vehicle. All carbon fiber is designed and produced in Japan by Japanese craftsmen.

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super cleaner

Intake system designed with ducts

An ultra-lightweight carbon duct with excellent heat dissipation installed around the filter cuts off hot air in the engine room. The duct design with excellent versatility and the conical filter realizes heat shielding and increased suction efficiency due to increased flow velocity.

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power cleaner

Basic model intake system that emphasizes intake efficiency

Based on many years of experience and achievements, the open style intake is still evolving. We set the optimum K&N filter core according to the car model and engine, and have a product lineup of more than 500 car models.

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induction box

An intake kit that uses an aluminum heat shield that blocks hot air from the engine room. Focusing not only on peak power, but also on increasing torque in the mid-speed range, you can experience the feeling of acceleration and powerful intake sound. Intake tuning model with excellent cost performance.

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K&N air filter

The World's Best Air Filter ....Made by K&N.

K&N air filters always boast the world's number one performance in all aspects of "dustproof performance, suction efficiency and durability". In addition, K&N filters are washable and recyclable, so they can last for a long time and can be used with peace of mind by owners who are highly environmentally conscious.

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brake line system

Brake line that demonstrates touch controllability with safety as the top priority

Uses a stainless mesh-coated Teflon hose that is used in aircraft. Fitting adapter material can be selected from stainless steel and carbon steel. All products are designed and produced in Japan, giving top priority to safety.

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brake rotor

PCCB (carbon rotor) replacement steel disc rotor and special brake pads for genuine Porsche installation

It is a disc rotor exclusively for Porsche that was born after repeated tests on the circuit. It is a steel disc rotor that pursues performance as well as a price that emphasizes braking power and durability on all stages.

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Aero Parts

Pursuit of aerodynamics ・It accelerates beautifully,

It is an aero part created with a unique design, narrowing down the target car model centering on Porsche and NSX. Designed and produced in Japan.

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cabin filter

cabin filter

[SEMI HEPA filter + activated carbon honeycomb + non-photocatalyst]

High-performance automotive air conditioner filter with three functions

Prevents harmful substances such as dust, pollen, and PM2.5 contained in the outside air from entering the car, and strongly removes odors inside the car. A high-performance automotive air conditioner filter that also has antibacterial/antiviral effects against viruses and bacteria.

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・Ram Air System | For Toyota 86 (ZN6) / Subaru BRZ (ZC6) 2.0L

RAM AIR SYSTEM for Japan's leading sports car, Toyota 86 (ZN6) / Subaru BRZ (ZC6) 2.0L.
By introducing the running wind from the front directly to the filter, the intake air temperature is greatly suppressed. The synergistic effect of the chamber effect and funnel effect generated from the original conical filter and casing shape has improved performance. You can enjoy the sharp response and dramatic power increase in the high speed range along with the powerful intake sound.

*This product is for export and is not sold in Japan.

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