SAP system that efficiently collects dust, deodorizes, and disinfects

GruppeM CABIN FILTER has a unique "SAP TRIPLE GUARD SYSTEM" that combines 3 types of materials, and exhibits excellent effects in dust collection, deodorization, and disinfection.
The combination of the three materials efficiently creates a cleaner and safer space inside the car.

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Vehicle Fitment List (PFD)

■ SEMI-HEPA filter boasting high filtration performance

The main filter medium is a SEMI-HEPA filter that can collect 95% or more of dust particles of 0.3 μm or larger. It reliably catches dust and bacteria that are 1/30th the size of a human hair. By folding the filter material into pleats, the suction area is secured and the absolute flow rate is secured. The burden on the motor due to pressure loss is minimized.
It is a high-performance filter medium that is often used in clean facilities and equipment that require a clean space, such as operating rooms, ICUs, neonatal rooms, and recovery rooms.

Shuts out dust, pollen, virus droplets, etc.

It is possible to remove up to 95% of harmful substances with a size of 0.3 μm, which is even finer than dust and pollen.

■ Activated carbon layer with honeycomb structure

Activated carbon was originally used as a filter medium in water purification plants. Utilizing the high adsorption efficiency that is a feature of activated carbon, purifying by removing odorous components and organic matter contained in molds. It continues to deodorize the air that passes repeatedly.

By using a special layer of honeycomb structure for the belt-shaped material containing this activated carbon, it is designed to suppress the pressure loss while securing the effective surface area and not to put an excessive burden on the motor. The synergistic effect with the deodorizing function of the non-photocatalyst strongly removes the musty odor in the air conditioner and the odor in the car.

Effective against formaldehyde, ammonia, etc.

Activated carbon has a high adsorption efficiency against gases with strong odors such as formaldehyde, an organic compound that is said to be a health hazard such as sick house syndrome and carcinogens, as well as ammonia, acetic acid, toluene, and acetaldehyde. It is possible to deodorize more than 90% on average.

■ Non-photocatalyst processing that continues to be effective even in the dark

The surface of the SEMI-HEPA filter is coated with a functional coating that does not require light at all and exhibits various effects such as deodorant, antibacterial, antivirus, antifouling, and antifungal properties even in dark places. A catalytic reaction occurs even when the filter is attached, and it is effective for a long period of time without maintenance, against dust, bacteria, viruses, etc. adhering to the filter.

Sterilizes 99.9% of Staphylococcus aureus and Klebsiella pneumoniae

We have achieved a sterilization rate of 99.9% against Staphylococcus aureus, which causes food poisoning, and Klebsiella pneumoniae, which causes various infectious diseases.

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Vehicle Fitment List (PFD)