aerodynamics. It is an essential element for high-speed driving. Just air. But at high speeds it becomes a heavy wall and resistance. As long as it is an object that runs on the earth, it is impossible to avoid this wall. The challenge is how to deal with this wall efficiently. Also, at high speeds, the air generates "lift", that is, the force that tries to lift the car body. Naturally, as lift increases, grip decreases. No matter how high-powered the machine is, if the engine power cannot be transferred to the road surface enough, its potential will not be fully demonstrated.

Aero parts exist to overcome this phenomenon. Due to the law of conservation of energy, the resistance energy itself will not be reduced by the aero parts. However, it is possible to skillfully use air, which is originally a resistance, and convert it into "downforce". This is the essence of aerodynamics and the key to speed.

Air management specialist GruppeM seeks the ultimate in aerodynamic tuning, pouring all of their vast data and experience into developing aero parts without allowing any compromises. It creates exquisite downforce, reliably grips the road surface, and provides outstanding safety during high-speed driving and braking. Of course, it goes without saying that consideration has been given to the cooling effect of actively introducing outside air and to further improving the intake efficiency.

The form backed by these performances is beautiful and strongly asserts its existence.
Here is a quality that can only be achieved by those who aspire to the ultimate in aerodynamics.

Pursuit of aerodynamics. It's for speed. And for your safety.