BMW | 2 SERIES [G87] | 3.0L | M2 | TWIN TURBO | (23- ) | Product number: FRI-0354




This exclusive and high-capacity RAM AIR SYSTEM, also known as cold air intake (CAI) makes full use of the engine bay drawing in the greatest amount of ambient air available. Our proprietary carbon fiber filter casing prevents heated air from entering the intake stream, resulting in lowered intake air temperatures (IAT). The red alumite-finished aluminum introduction plate installed near the upper part of the radiator actively guides the air stream increasing air flow efficiency while deliver power and torque throughout the RPM range producting a throaty, sporty sound at high rpm delivering a sharp sound all drivers enjoy.

Product introduction:

Manufacturer: GruppeM

Brand: GroupM GruppeM

Product name: RAM AIR SYSTEM

Product number: FRI-0354

Compatible models:

Manufacturer name: BMW

Car name: 2 series M2

Code: G87

Displacement: 3.0 liters TWIN TURBO

Grade/Specifications: M2

Vehicle model: 12DM30

Year: 2021-

Engine model: S58B30A


Spare filter: GMR-0945 x 2 pieces

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