Spare filter | Outer diameter 195mm | Height 123mm | Part number: RF-3301A ⇒ GMR-3301




Spare filter for group M original intake kit

Manufacturer: GruppeM

Brand: GruppeM

Product name: Spare filter [ SPARE FILTER ]

Part number: GMR-3301

[Product size]

Shape type: Round taper [ RT ]

Filter Outer Diameter (Base) [ BO.D ] : 195 mm

Filter Outer Diameter (Top) [ TO.D ] : 63 mm

Filter length [ L ]: 123 mm

Top Material [ TOP ] : Stainless Steel

[Compatible kit part number] Compatible intake kit part number

・Ram air system: FR-0018 FR-0028 FR-0031 FR-0039 FR-0044 FR-0046 FR-0055 FR-0059 FR-0083-96 FR-0083-98 FR-0084 FR-0142 FR-0143 FR-0201 FR-0203 FR-0329 FR-0347 FR-0404 FR-0405 FR-0406 FR-0407 FR-0455 FR-0457 FR-0459 FR-0505 FR-0507 FR-0508 FR-0510 FR-0514 FR-0613 FR- 0671 FR-1051 FR-1078 FR-1080 FR-1085 FR-1086 FR-1094 FRI-0100 FRI-0101 FRI-0102 FRI-0103 FRI-0104 FRI-0105 FRI-0106 FRI-0107 FRI-0109 FRI-0110 FRI -0111 FRI-0112 FRI-0113 FRI-0114 FRI-0115 FRI-0116 FRI-0117 FRI-0118 FRI-0119 FRI-0120 FRI-0121 FRI-0122 FRI-0123 FRI-0124 FRI-0125 FRI-0126 FRI-0127 FRI-0128 FRI-0130 FRI-0131 FRI-0132 FRI-0136 FRI-0141 FRI-0150 FRI-0156 FRI-0163 FRI-0166 FRI-0167 FRI-0168 FRI-0171 FRI-0176 FRI-0178 FRI-0179 FRI- 0180 FRI-0181 FRI-0182 FRI-0183 FRI-0185 FRI-0186 FRI-0205 FRI-0207 FRI-0228 FRI-0302 FRI-0303 FRI-0304 FRI-0305 FRI-0306 FRI-0312 FRI-0313 FRI-0331 FRI -0332 FRI-0335 FRI-0336 FRI-0337 FRI-0338 FRI-0341 FRI-0342 FRI-0343 FRI-0344 FRI-0350 FRI-0401 FRI-0402 FR-S2000

・Super Cleaner Carbon: Compatible with all SCC part numbers and SCI part numbers .

(All super cleaners are GMR-3301)

Remarks: Old part number: RF-3301A Engraved No. 04029

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