Spare filter | Outer diameter 195mm | Height 192mm | Part number: RF-3018A⇒ GMR-3018




Spare filter for group M original intake kit

Manufacturer: GruppeM

Brand: GruppeM

Product name: Spare filter [ SPARE FILTER ]

Part number: GMR-3018

[Product size]

Shape type: Round taper [ RT ]

Filter Outer Diameter (Base) [ BO.D ] : 195 mm

Filter Outer Diameter (Top) [ TO.D ] : 65 mm

Filter length [ L ]: 192 mm

Top Material [ TOP ] : Stainless Steel

[Compatible kit part number] Compatible intake kit part number

・Ram Air System: FR-1097 FRI-0194 FRI-0208 FRI-0220 FRI-0226 FRI-0227 FRI-0322 FRI-0347 FRI-0352

FRI-0154* , FRI-0172* , FRI-0175* , FRI-0192* , FRI-0339* , FRI-0346*

Kit part numbers marked with an asterisk (*) require 2 pieces.

Remarks: Old part number RF-3018A Engraving: A076C6

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