Nissan | Cube | Model: Z10 | EG Model: CG13DE | 1.3NA | (98-99) | Part number: PC-0324




Developed jointly with K&N based on a unique design concept , the filter is a high-flow type with a surface area five times larger than the external dimensions due to its accordion shape with deep pleats. It also suppresses distortion due to strong intake negative pressure and heat, and improves filtering capacity. We package all the parts necessary for installation, from fitting adapters, stays, hoses, to screws specially designed for each model.

Product introduction:

Manufacturer: GruppeM

Brand: M's

Product name: POWER CLEANER

Product number: PC-0324

Compatible models:

A car name: NISSAN CUBE [CUBE]

Year: 1998-1999

Vehicle model: Z10

Engine type: CG13DE

Displacement: 1.3 LITER

Grade/Specifications: NA


Spare filter: RC-1980 or RC-0850

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