CABIN FILTER | BMW 5 Series [G30/G31] | 2017- | (2 filters included) | Part number: LA-3004-2




[SEMI-HEPA filter + activated carbon honeycomb + non-photocatalyst] High-performance car air conditioner filter with three functions

*This air conditioner filter is especially suitable for people who are sensitive to dust.

SEMI-HEPA filter: Prevents harmful substances such as dust, pollen, and PM2.5 from entering the vehicle. Filter media used in medical masks and ICU shuts out even ultrafine particles.

Activated Carbon Honeycomb: Strongly removes odors in the car with special activated carbon that passes through the filter. Honeycomb structure reduces ventilation resistance.

Non-photocatalyst: Demonstrates antibacterial/antiviral effects against viruses and bacteria with a non-photocatalyst that has photocatalytic action even without light.

Product introduction:

Manufacturer: GruppeM

Brand: GruppeM

Product name: SAP CABIN FILTER [air conditioner filter]

Part number: LA-3004-2 (2 filters included)

Compatible models: BMW 5 Series [ G30 , G31 ] All cars (2017- )

Compatible models: JC20, JM20, JF20, JP20, JL10, JA20, JR20, JT20, JA20P, JA20PH, JB30, JM30, JS30, JT30, JS44

Compatible Genuine Part Numbers: 64119366401 | 64119366402 | 64119366403 | 64119361715 | | 64115A1BDB6 | 64115A1BDB7

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