VOLVO | V70 | 2.4L | NA (2435CC) Late DENSO | (97-00) | Part number: SCI-0153




We have developed an original cone-shaped filter with a central cone, using a wet cotton filter with excellent dust collection effect. It increases the flow velocity while rectifying the intake air. The intake duct that surrounds the filter blocks the hot air in the engine room and suppresses the influence on the intake air temperature. These two effects dramatically improve filling efficiency. Stable performance is demonstrated even in high-load continuous intake.

Product introduction:

Manufacturer: GruppeM

Brand: GruppeM

Product Name: Super Cleaner Carbon Duct [ SUPER CLEANER ・ CARBON DUCT ]

Part number: SCI-0153

Compatible models:

Manufacturer Name: VOLVO

Car name: V70


Displacement: 2.4 LITER

Grade/Specifications: NA (2435CC) Late DENSO

Vehicle model: 8B5252W/8B5254W/8B5244W

Year: 1997-2000

Engine type: B5252/B5254/B5244

Remarks* Air mass sensor: DENSO vehicle

Spare filter: GMR-3301

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