Toyota | Alphard | Model: GGH30W/35W | 2GR-FKS | Late 3.5 NA | (18-23) | FR-1099




The specially designed carbon duct has a shape that completely blocks hot air in the engine room. Fresh air is introduced directly to lower the intake air temperature and stabilize it. It realizes torque and power up in the entire range from low rotation to high rotation range. You can also enjoy the sporty intake sound. Installation is bolt-on with a dedicated fitting adapter.

Product introduction:

Manufacturer: GruppeM

Brand: M's

Product name: RAM AIR SYSTEM

Part number: FR-1099 (export specification)

Compatible models:

A car name: Toyota Alphard

Year: 2018 - 2023

Vehicle model: GGH30W / GGH35W latter term

Engine type: 2GR-FKS

Displacement: 3.5 LITER

Grade/Specifications: NA/late model

Remarks: The early model before the 2018 model is not compatible

Spare filter: GMR-0945

*This product is not sold in Japan. Please contact us for export sales.

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