Spare filter | Inner diameter φ 152mm | Height 152mm | Part number: RC-29600⇒RU-2960

SPARE FILTERPN#: RU-2960 (RC-29600)



Spare filter for group M original intake kit

Specification change: RC-29600 ⇒ RU-2960

Manufacturer: K&N

Brand: K&N

Product name: Spare filter [ SPARE FILTER ]

Product number: RC-29600 ⇒ Specification change New product number: RU-2960

[Product size]

Shape type: Round taper [ RT ]

Flange inner diameter [ F ]: 152 mm

Filter Outer Diameter (Base) [ BO.D ] : 184 mm

Filter Outer Diameter (Top) [ TO.D ] : 127 mm

Filter length [ L ]: 127 mm

Flange length [ FL ] : 25.4 mm

Top material [ TOP ] : Changed from resin to rubber TOP

[Compatible kit part number] Compatible intake kit part number

・Power cleaner:

PC-0010 PC-0011 PC-0012 PC-0014 PC-0015 PC-0016 PC-0017 PC-0018 PC-0020 PC-0021 PC-0022 PC-0023 PC-0024 PC-0026 PC-0027 PC-0028 PC- 0029 PC-0031 PC-0032 PC-0034 PC-0035 PC-0036 PC-0037 PC-0038 PC-0039 PC-0043 PC-0044 PC-0045 PC-0047 PC-0048 PC-0052 PC-0053 PC-0054 PC -0055 PC-0056 PC-0057 PC-0058 PC-0059 PC-0070 PC-0071 PC-0072 PC-0074 PC-0078 PC-0079 PC-0083 PC-0084 PC-0085 PC-0086 PC-0087 PC-0088 PC-0101 PC-0102 PC-0103 PC-0104 PC-0105 PC-0107 PC-0108 PC-0109 PC-0110 PC-0111 PC-0112 PC-0113 PC-0114 PC-0115 PC-0116 PC-0117 PC- 0118 PC-0119 PC-0120 PC-0121 PC-0122 PC-0127 PC-0128 PC-0130 PC-0130 PC-0132 PC-0133 PC-0142 PC-0183 PC-0184 PC-0185 PC-0186 PC-0187 PC -0204 PC-0207 PC-0215 ​​PC-0301 PC-0302 PC-0303 PC-0304 PC-0305 PC-0310 PC-0312 PC-0314 PC-0316 PC-0320 PC-0321 PC-0326 PC-0327 PC-0328 PC-0329 PC-0330 PC-0331 PC-0341 PC-0342 PC-0343 PC-0345 PC-0346 PC-0347 PC-0348 PC-0349 PC-0351 PC-0367 PC-0401 PC-0403 PC-0408 PC- 0409 PC-0411 PC-0415 PC-0416 PC-0450 PC-0453 PC-0454 PC-0455 PC-0456 PC-0457 PC-0458 PC-0459 PC-0460 PC-0501 PC-0503 PC-0504 PC-0507 PC -0508 PC-0509 PC-0510 PC-0512 PC-0515 PC-0516 PC-0519 PC-0522 PC-0550 PC-0551 PC-0552 PC-0555 PC-0556 PC-0558 PC-0559 PC-0560 PC-0561 PC-0562 PC-0563 PC-0565 PC-0566 PC-0567 PC-0571 PC-0580 PC-0582 PC-0601 PC-0670 PC-0671 PC-1038 PC-1039 PC-1044 PC-1045 PC-1046 PC- 1047 PC-1048 PC-1049 PC-1050 PC-1052 PC-1053 PC-1054 PC-1055 PC-1057 PC-1058 PC-1059 PC-1060 PC-1063 PC-1064 PC-1065 PC-1070 PC-1071 PC -1072 PC-1074 PC-1075 PC-1076 PC-1077 PC-1078 PC-1079 PC-1080 PC-1081 PC-1082 PC-1083 PC-1084 PC-1085 PC-1086 PC-1088 PC-1089 PC-1090 PC-1091 PC-1092 PC-1093 PC-1094 PC-1095 PC-1096 PCI-0100 PCI-0101 PCI-0102 PCI-0103 PCI-0104 PCI-0105 PCI-0106 PCI-0107 PCI-0109 PCI-0110 PCI- 0111 PCI-0112 PCI-0113 PCI-0115 PCI-0118 PCI-0119 PCI-0121 PCI-0122 PCI-0123 PCI-0124 PCI-0126 PCI-0127 PCI-0128 PCI-0151 PCI-0153 PCI-0155 PCI-0157 PCI -0158 PCI-0159 PCI-0160 PCI-0161 PCI-0162 PCI-0163 PCI-0165 PCI-0166 PCI-0167 PCI-0168 PCI-0169 PCI-0170 PCI-0171 PCI-0173 PCI-0178 PCI-0179 PCI-0180 PCI-0182 PCI-0185 PCI-0186 PCI-0302 PCI-0304 PCI-0305 PCI-0306,

・Ram air system:

FRI-0309 FRI-0310 FRI-0316 FRI-0321 ,
FRI-0311* , FRI-0314* ,
Kit part numbers marked with an asterisk (*) require 2 pieces.

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